Members Attend Omega Yeast Seminar

New Orleans, Urban South Brewery – 03/27/2019
Members were able to enjoy a phenomenal opportunity this month when Brewstock, Omega Yeast, and Urban South partnered to, for one-night only, provide an educational presentation by Omega’s owner and co-founder, Mark Schwarz. This event focused on Omega Yeast products, specifically their NORWEGIAN FARMHOUSE KVEIK strains which can be fermented well above 90 degrees F with no off-flavors or fusels!
Crescent City homebrewers covered the cost of attendance for all current, in-good standing members. There were 17 members in attendance and three different homebrew clubs representing the region.
Mark hosted a discussion about the history of brewer’s yeast and the geographic identity that can be found through each strain. Additional information, including some recipes can be found at Omega Yeast’s Website

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