May Meeting Announcement

It's that time again. The May meeting will be on May 3rd, at the Deutsches Haus at 7 PM. Please note that this month we will be meeting at the warehouse, as there will be a performance by The John Rankin Trio in the main hall at 7 PM. Be sure to remember to save... Continue Reading →

Pig Roast

The pig raost will be on May 20th at the Mattei's. For More information, and to reserve your spot, check it out here: 2023 Pig Roast – Crescent City Homebrewers

National Beer Day & Hopline Drop

On April 7th, 1933, the Cullen-Harrison Act went into effect, after being signed into law by Preswident Franklin Roosevelt on March 22nd. This act allowed for the sale of beer with an alcohol content on 3.2%, and set the stage for the repeal of the 18th amednment, and the ratification of the 21st. Also, the... Continue Reading →

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