General Meeting

April 03, 2019


  • Motion to commence meeting
    • Pledge
  • …Any new members?
    • One, Welcome Parker!
  • …Guests in attendance?
    • Two, friends of Ryan & Keith, welcome!
  • Industry announcements
    • Welcome Rally Cap Brewing, targeted opening of summer 2019 in Baton Rouge
    • Welcome Chandeleur Brewing, home in Gulfport! Samples available.
    • Urban South 3 year anniversary this weekend
  • Home Brewed Beer Available for Sampling
Gerald Lester Kentucky Common
Gerald Lester Belgian Ale
Chester Vidacovich Irish Red
Christian Pierce Schwarzbier
Will Thompson English Brown Ale
Alessa Massey Lithuanian ESB
Evan Kolk Dunkelweizen


  • Executive Board Reports
    • Matt Ault – Secretary
      • Recap of last meeting’s minutes, posted online
        • Pay your dues so that you can vote, you should have already
          • One Nay, Ayes carry
    • Will Lambert – Quartermaster
      • Equipment in working order
        • Working on building some cleaning manifolds
          • Two nays, Ayes carry
  • Neil Barnett – DUMBO report – Brew-offs
    • Scheduled through the middle of summer, sign-ups available for all. Email for more information
      • April 20th – Saison
      • May 11th – German Alt
        • Peter will be testing recipes for Winterfest, German inspired
  • Old Business
    • Recap, Sausage Fest
      • Very great success, thank you too all
        • We made approx. 450lbs of sausage
        • Everyone got what they came for
        • We nearly broke even, which was the goal
      • 2020 event will be held on March 7th
    • Omega Yeast Seminar
      • We had approx. 17 members who attended
      • It was a packed house from local breweries and 2 other homebrew clubs
  • New Business
    • Crawfish Boil
      • May 18th, 11am – 3pm
      • Price tbd, depends on market value – will include all the fixings
      • If you bring a beer, you and your +1 eat for free
    • Brewery Tour
      • June 22nd
      • Itinerary still be ironed out, but will include brewery stops and finish at Larry Hartzogs beer festival
    • Boucharie Beer Dinner
      • Sometime in June
      • Brew a beer and it may be used for the dinner pairing
      • 5 courses, beer included
    • Website – it’s (mostly) complete
      • Rachel Ault completed
      • Very easy to use
        • Try to break it! If you notice anything or have a suggestion, fill out the contact us form and she will get in touch with you
  • By-law proposal
    • Voting is open!
      • Till April 17th
    • Carol Rice comments
      • Main takeaway – it was a group effort and we have come a long ways. We should all be proud of this document.
  • Motion to adjourn
    • Second, non opposed

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