“We were sitting on the bus one day and there were five of us hanging out. There was only one beer left in the cooler and we actually all took a little cup and split it. It was a pathetic day in rock and roll when five grown men have to be sitting there sharing a beer.

Zakk Wylde

Five guys sharing one beer may be a ‘pathetic day in rock and roll’, but add a few more beers, and you’ve got yourself a bottle share. This bus will have kegs, so no need to share a beer unless you want to.

This year’s bus trip will be on July 30th, and we’ll be going up to Baton Rouge to visit Rally Cap, Tin Roof, and Cypress Coast breweries.

We’ll be departing from the Deutsches Haus at 11 AM, with an anticipated return of 8 PM.

Tickets are $40 for members and first guest; $50 for non-members and additional guests. Tickets can be purchased via the link below, or at the upcoming meetings. Your ticket includes the airconditioned and keg-toting bus, samples at the breweries, and some other treats that we’re still finalizing (tours, discounts on pints, etc. more details to follow) There are 53 spots available, so sign up before they are all filled.

2022 Bus Trip

2022 Bus Trip

$40.00 – $50.00

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