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As Amended August 2014

NAME: This organization shall be the CRESCENT CITY HOMEBREWERS.

The Crescent City Homebrewers is a non-profit organization and shall be operated
exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.
Our mission is to promote Homebrewing within the club through public awareness and
appreciation of the quality and variety of homebrew, through education and research,
and through the collection and dissemination of information.
Our purpose is to serve as a forum for technological and cross-cultural aspects of the
Art of Homebrewing and to encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol.
MEMBERSHIP: One is considered a member in good standing upon payment of annual
dues. All members in good standing are subject to be officers by general election.
A charter member is defined as anyone who is a member in good standing as of
December 31, 1982 and has remained a member in continuous good standing to date.
DUES: Dues shall be payable as of January 1st of each year. Any member who has not
paid by March 1st shall be dropped from membership roster and from the mailing list.
That person shall be ineligible to share in the activities of this organization. They may
be reinstated only upon payment of the annual dues.
Dues shall be prorated on a per month basis for new members only. Dues shall be
determined by the Board of Directors and be subject to approval by the membership.

OFFICERS: The officers of this organization shall consist of President, Vice
President, Secretary, Treasurer and Quartermaster. The officers shall be seated on
January 1st for the term of one (1) year.
In October, the board of directors shall appoint a nominating committee, which may
be the board of directors if the board so decides. At the November general
membership meeting, the nominating committee shall announce the nominations for
officers for the following year. Additional nominations may be taken from the floor
at the general membership meeting in December, followed by the election. Officers
shall be elected by a simple majority of members casting votes.
President – Shall preside at all general meetings and act as chairman of the Board of
Directors. In general, the President shall supervise the operation of this organization.
Vice President – Shall assist the President and in the absence or vacancy in the office
of President, the Vice-President shall act as President. The Vice President shall serve
as Winterfest Chairman and shall be responsible for all planning, organizing, promoting
and managing of the festival.
Secretary – Shall keep minutes of general meetings and meetings of the Board of
Directors. The Secretary shall also be responsible for general correspondence.
Treasurer – Shall have custody of all funds of this organization and shall be
responsible for disbursements of these funds at the direction of the general
membership or the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall not be required to serve
as a member of any committee but will attend committee meetings when necessary in
order to provide information on funds available for projects. The Treasurer shall also
be responsible for maintaining the file of current membership. This membership list
will be made available at the April meeting and by e-mail with the Hopline. The
Treasurer shall provide a current copy of the By-Laws and any other appropriate
documents to new members.
Quartermaster – Shall have control of the club equipment, supplies, and inventory,
including, but not restricted to the gear kept in the storage locker. The
Quartermaster shall hold one of the three keys to the storage locker and is
authorized (with sufficient, timely, and appropriate notice from the requesting
members) to loan equipment to members in good standing. The Quartermaster shall
maintain a log of the possessor and location of the loaned equipment, and shall provide
the membership with a monthly report. The other two key holders (officers selected
by the president) shall inform the Quartermaster when they loan out club equipment.
The Quartermaster shall be responsible for keeping the equipment in working order,
and replacing or upgrading worn out equipment as necessary. The Quartermaster shall
not be required to deliver equipment to club events, nor return it to the storage
locker; shall not be required to attend all club events; shall not be required to clean
equipment after club events. The Quartermaster shall be responsible for providing
storage for the propane and CO2 tanks and ensure they are full when required for
events. The Quartermaster or his designee will bring to the monthly Club meeting a
CO2 tank and regulator and both pin and ball lock connections to provide CO2 to
members who bring beer to the monthly meetings
BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Shall be made up of all elected officers, current Past
President, and Charter Members in continuous good standing. It shall meet at the call
of the president.
The Board shall have full power to manage this organization, the responsibility for
carrying out its purpose, and the establishment of rules for its operation.
Vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be appointed by the remaining members of
the Board. Each person so appointed shall be a Director for the remaining period of
vacancy and until a successor is duly elected.
A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of
MEETINGS: All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of
Order. The meetings of this organization shall be held at suitable times and places at
the call of the President.

AMENDMENTS: The Board of Directors shall be empowered to propose amendments
to the By-Laws to conform to the requirements of organization.
A proposal to amend the By-Laws shall be made to the Board of Directors at a Board
of Directors meeting. The proposed amendment shall be discussed at the meeting and
if approved by a majority vote of those board members attending, the secretary shall
present ballots to members in good standing within thirty (30) days by e-mail to those
members who have provided an e-mail address, and by traditional mail to those
members who have not provided an e-mail address. Members shall return their ballots
to the all members of the Board of Directors via e-mail, to the Secretary via
traditional mail, or by handing their ballot to the Secretary at the general
membership meeting. No vote received after the second general membership meeting
following distribution of ballots will be counted. A two-thirds majority of those voting
shall be required for adoption of the amendment.
Amendments to the By-Laws shall be provided to all members.
COMMITTEES & APPOINTMENTS: The President shall have the authority to
appoint committee chairpersons and members, and accept volunteers to coordinate
and run special events. The President and Treasurer shall provide a budget for such
events to the appropriate committee. The President shall have the authority to
appoint interim officers as necessary with the concurrence of the Board of Directors.
The President shall appoint a Webmaster who shall be responsible for the design
and content management of the Club’s website as well as oversee the content and use
of all other social media representing the Club and any other duties and
responsibilities as directed by the President
The Webmaster shall ensure that the Club website is updated by the 1st day of
January of each year with the elected Officers, a printable copy of the current
membership application and current version of the By-Laws. The Webmaster is also
responsible for publishing the latest issue of The Hopline on the Club website as well
as maintaining a library and making available all older issues of The Hopline.
The membership roster and financial reports shall not be posted on the website.

The President shall appoint The Hopline Editor who shall be responsible for
compiling, editing and distributing the Club newsletter, The Hopline monthly. The
Hopline Editor shall maintain a distribution list that includes all active Club members
and disseminate information as requested, at their discretion or as directed by the
President and any other duties and responsibilities as directed by the President
The President shall appoint a Brew Off Coordinator who shall be responsible for
creating and maintaining the Brew Off calendar, solicit participants including selecting
a host and location, Brewmaster, equipment movers, workers and chef. The Brew Off
Coordinator is responsible for the budget, collecting any fees for participation, and
any other duties and responsibilities as directed by the President.

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