General Meeting

June 5, 2019

  • Motion to commence meeting
  • Beers brought in
Neil Barnett Saison
Neil Barnett Traditional Pilsner
Neil Barnett Vienna
Neil Barnett Imperial Pilsner
Richard Hogis Pilsner
Aaron Cosman Pilsner
Mike Malley German Alt -Kolsch Yeast
Mike Malley German Alt – US 05 Yeast
Mike Malley Belgian Dark Sour
Will Lambert Dubbel
Will Lambert Saison
Will Lambert Scottish Cider
Club Unit May Brewoff, Alt Bier
Matt Ault Wildflower Farmhouse
Stuart Turner Blonde Ale
Christian Pierce Norwegian Pilsner


  • New Members?
    • Brian Adams; new to home brewing, friend of Frank Ballero – Welcome!
  • Officers Report
    • Secretary
      • Roster available if necessary
      • Must pay your dues to be able to come to events
      • Meeting minutes posted website
    • Treasurer
      • Treasury lower than we expected due to low attendance at crawfish boil
        • If you sign up, come to events – no shows cost us money!
    • Quartermaster
      • Serving gear in good shape
        • Peter Cadoo donated 3 gallon kegs to the club, will be used for education/comparisons
          • Also, donated assorted books to the club
        • Brewoff Equipment in working condition
          • 40lb propane tank has been recertified
    • Brew-offs
      • June
        • Old English Ale, Brew in a bathing suit
          • No speedos! 😛
      • No brew-offs in July
      • August
        • Belgian Ale, Brew in a bathing suit
      • All Sign-ups available with the Brew-off Dude, Neil Barnett
    • Crawfish Boil Recap
      • 45 people showed up
        • Actual loss was more than budgeted loss, info available with treasurer
    • Bus Trip, June 22
      • Will visit Gnarley Barley and Chafunkta, then Larryfest before returning to DH
      • $50 per person; payment available online or via any board member
    • Emerald Coast – Coming Up
      • Frank Ballero is the club liaison
        • Tickets available now, limited VIP available
        • See club email about hotels, or talk to Frank
    • Industry visitors?
      • Patrick Brown; 504 Craft Beer Reserve
    • Motions from the floor
      • Gerald Lester – Winterfest Beer Wranger, December 7th
        • All members expected to contribute
        • Start thinking about what you can brew, we need even more beer than last year!
    • Adjourn




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