General Meeting

March 06, 2019 – DH

  • Motion to commence meeting
    • Pledge
  • …New members or guests in attendance?
    • None
  • Beer available for sampling
Will Lambert ESB
Will Lambert Brown Ale w/ Rosemary
Matt Ault Gratzer, 100% oak smoked wheat
Mike Malley Russian Imperial Stout
Gerald Lester Smoked Ale
Gerald Lester IPA
Gerald Lester ESB
Patrick Morrison Bock


  • Executive Board Reports
    • Federico Portillo – Vice President
      • Change in snacks at meetings
        • Food tonight was donated to the club, and DH is cooking it for us. There is a small fee for that to occur, so we are trying it to see how it goes
          • Potstickers and two kinds of egg rolls
    • Matt Ault – Secretary
      • Recap of last month’s meeting about the by-law proposal
        • Will further the discussion on by-laws tonight
        • Pay your dues so that you can vote in April
    • Will Lambert – Quartermaster
      • No new news
      • Equipment in working order
    • Neil Barnett – DUMBO report – Brewoffs
      • March 23rd, Rye Baltic Porter
        • Sign-ups still available, see Neil
      • Saison and more on deck.
  • Sausage Fest, March 23rd
    • See Steve
    • Chili will be made for consumption for those in attendance
    • Donate beer! If you donate you get 6lbs of sausage
      • Sign-up with Neil
  • Omega Yeast Seminar, March 27th; Sponsored by Brewstock
    • Club to sponsor
      • $5 to attend, sign-up with the club and we will pay for your ticket in
    • Located at Urban South
  • Member Announcement – Hog for Cause
    • Asking for support on March 29th and 30th, get in touch with Board if you want to help fellow members
  • Crawfish Boil, May 18th
    • Details still tbd
  • Brewery Bus Tour
    • Date tbd, probably in June
  • By-Law Proposal
    • Presentation and comparison of Old By-laws & New By-law proposal
      • See document mailed to Membership on February 28, 2018
    • Get in touch with the board if you have any questions/comments
      • Document is final and will be voted on in April
    • Questions??
      • What is the Charter member and who are they?
        • Only 1, Harold
  • Motion to Adjourn
    • Second

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