In 1999, Learn To Homebrew Day was established by the American Homebrewers Association to promote the most rewarding, and delicious activity of all time — HOMEBREWING. Each year since on the first Saturday in November, thousands of people will gather countrywide to brew beer and and learn about the hobby of homebrewing.

This years event is over, however stay tuned for details on

How To Homebrew Day 2020!

On Exhibition:


Description Start Time/End Time

3-Vessel, All-Grain

This is very similar to many commercial systems, but simplified to a homebrew scale. Adds additional equipment (hot liquor tank, mash tun) and greater flexibility to tweak the recipe and final product.

Brew-In-A-Bag, All-Grain

Uses the same basic equipment as extract, with the addition of a mesh or fabric bag to hold the grain while mashing.
Extract Viewed by many as a quick-start method, it requires very little equipment. Allows the brewer to skip the “mash” and jump straight to the boil for a quicker brew day. A great option for those on a budget or with little space. Can be done on a standard stove-top.

We promise, its much more simple than it looks!

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